Pool renovations cause fire alarms

John Beggs, Staff Writer

If you’ve been at school since the third trimester started, you’ve noticed that Bloomington South is having an abundance of fire drills. On Monday, February 22nd, the alarm shrieked during the second period, and on Tuesday, February 23, it rang out during the third period. Teachers are confused, students don’t understand, and nobody could figure out why this kept on happening.

The answer lies with the renovation of South’s new pool, which is sure to be a state of the art facility. For swimmers, a new pool is a dream come true, but for other South students, it’s a nightmare. Twice already the construction has caused the fire alarm to ring out during classes. In an email titled “Fire Drill Mania” that was sent to teachers, Assistant Principal Jay True said “the pool renovation required some plumbing work to be done in the athletic area.  Since that time, we have had some issues with a flow valve in the sprinkler system.  They thought they had it taken care of but, evidently, they didn’t.  The plumbers are on their way.  Hopefully, it will be repaired shortly. If the alarm goes off again, please proceed outside like normal.” He went on to say that “the pool is going to be AWESOME!”

The renovation has also caused South Dr. to be closed, as well as most of the auxiliary gym parking lot. If South were at full capacity in terms of students, people would have a hard time finding a place to park their cars. Soon enough, the pool will be done, and South’s incredible swim program will be able to get back to work. And even sooner than that, students won’t be heading outside to the tune of loud ringing. But until then, make sure you bring a coat to school, even for the incoming warmer weather.