Art students bid fond farewell to Cindy Chrzastowski


Graeson Jordan and John Beggs, Staff Writers

Retirement is a bittersweet moment, and now the students and faculty of South get to witness it firsthand as we say goodbye to Cindy Chrzastowski. A teacher at South for nearly 15 years, but she has been educating students in art for 40 years. At South, she has taught photography, sculpture, painting, and printmaking. She also served as an assistant principal at South for seven years.
Chrzastowski recalled the joy that filled her when a student grasped a difficult subject, or the shared pride when a piece was created they could both be proud of.
Senior Sammie Arnold said “everyone in our class loves her, and we are sad to see her go.” Arnold has been in her class since sophomore year, even when she wasn’t sure she loved art. It was the teacher more than the subject that caused her to stick with it.
Arnold, along with a small group of other students, took part in many cool projects throughout their years in Chrzastowski’s class. “I got to do a mural in the B-Wing,” she said.
Chrzastowski encouraged her to pursue art and work hard at it, which is what Arnold says she will remember the most.
While we are saying farewell to Chrzastowski, Oliver Winery is saying hello, “ I’m beginning a new position there in June, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said. Not only that, but Chrzastowski looks forward to baking with her children and granddaughters.
While excited about stepping back, Chrzastowski said it will be hard to say good-bye. “ I will miss the people. And, I will miss teaching.”