Decorated Pianos At South?

Elena Rupp and Anya Stuart

Have you wondered why there are decorated pianos in the atrium and in the B-Wing? Here’s answers to some questions students may be wondering!


Why are there pianos at Bloomington High School South?

Mrs. Benham’s sculpture class is participating in a community service project called Bloomington Piano Project. The pianos, which South art students decorated, will be at South until they are picked up and placed in the community to bring music to places where there might not usually be any.


Who started the Bloomington Piano Project?

Chandler Bridges started the Bloomington Piano Project in 2020 with a mission to spread music throughout Bloomington. He was inspired by a public piano in Florence, Alabama and how it allowed a group of people, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to musical instruments, a chance to make music as a community. 


Who designed the pianos?

The community! People all around Bloomington who have contacted the Bloomington Piano Project have designed them. The Bloomington Piano Project has already put 20 reclaimed pianos into the city, and four more will be joining them from art students at South. Four groups of sculpture students have made the pianos we see around school, and each piano has its own theme. The themes are Tattoos, Indiana University, Fairy Tale, and Under The Sea. Bloomington High School North’s art students are also participating in the project, and theirs will be released in the community soon as well.


Where are they going to be located?

These pianos will potentially be located at Artisan Alley, Bent Barber Shop, Time and Tide Tattoo, and two Soma Coffee House and Juice Bar locations. To find the locations of pianos already placed in the community, visit