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Lettuce shortage at South

Emma Bowlen, Staff Writer

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Those who frequent the salad bar for lunch are now in for disappointment. Over the past few weeks, there has not been enough lettuce to supply the salad bar; as a result, students can no longer get their daily dose of greens at school.

This is not just a school issue– this issue is prevalent across the country, and has its roots in California.

“In California, a lot of the rain damaged their crops,” lunch lady Cosette Sebastian said.

Because of this, South, along with several other schools, can no longer obtain bulk shipments of lettuce. While there is still lettuce to be had, the price of the lettuce is now “ridiculous,” according to lunch lady Diane Jackson, and virtually impossible to afford.

Despite the shortage, lunch workers are still working hard to scrounge for small lettuce shipments. For the time being, though, there will not be a consistent supply of salad base at South.

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Lettuce shortage at South