Does Taylor Swift’s New Song Suck?

Will Gibbons, Staff Writer/Photographer

The score is 48-11, and I’m not talking about sports. I’m talking about the poll that was held in Kathleen Mills’ room in which we asked members of the BHSS student body the question, “Does Taylor Swift’s new song: Look What You Made Me Do, suck?” In short, the answer is yes. The chorus is bland and the ad libs are trash. Whoever let her put in the bit about not being able to come to the phone might actually be the worst producer ever.

The song is based around Swift feeling like a victim, despite actually creating the problems. The beef started when Kanye created the song titled “Famous,” which included a chorus about making Swift famous and doing the nasty with her. Swift decided to be a snake and get publicly upset about the song, despite Kanye asking her if she was comfortable with it before releasing the song in the first place. She describes the experience in the song from her “point of view.” The song in essence is a diss track towards Kanye, which is dumb because it’s Kanye and Kanye is great and also because diss tracks in song form don’t really work.

The music video is a problem of its own. The video starts off in a graveyard that depicts a gravestone with Swift’s reputation on it. The next clip features Swift laying in a bathtub surrounded by jewels, which, considering the recent affair with Kim Kardashian’s kidnapping, is incredibly insensitive. She proceeds to a scene on a throne, that is actually really well choreographed and overall just really good. This leads into a scene where Swift references accusations of copying Katy Perry. The scene looks really strange and the CGI isn’t very well executed. The color palette, however, is very aesthetically pleasing. This transitions into a scene that I can only imagine was included to make Swift seem like less of a child. The final minute of the music video is a choppy mess between a dance number, her cutting the wing off of a plane, and a take on the matrix.