The Optimist

2018-2019 Staff

Katie Apple

Katie is a senior and happy to return for her third year as a staff writer on The Optimist.  She is also involved with YoungLife, dance, and is a manager for the Bloomington South dance team.

Melissa Thomas

Having just returned to Bloomington after living overseas, Melissa is excited to start following some of the remarkable stories hidden in South.

Brock Pedersen

This is Brock's first year on The Optimist staff. He enjoys playing football and lacrosse for BHSS.

Logan Hanchett

Hit a dinger that still has not landed in the 2018 softball "game" against Gothic.

Colin Doyle

Colin is in his second year as a staff member of The Optimist. He plays soccer year-round and is a member of the fat clips panther hoops organization. Colin also beat fellow staff member John Law to win his first fantasy football...

John Kelly

Third year with the Optimist.

John Law

Only true athlete on staff. Plans to dominate the Gothic-Optimist softball game.  Holds the Optimist record for most David's Sunflower Seeds unshelled and eaten in one day. Two-time Fantasy Football Champ

Taylor Harmon

You probably know me as that girl who trips and falls constantly, often in public places. Lover of plants, ice cream, Julie Andrews and Meryl Streep.

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