The Optimist

2019-2020 Staff

Katie Apple

Katie is a senior and happy to return for her third year as a staff writer on The Optimist.  She is also involved with YoungLife, dance, and is a manager for the Bloomington South dance team.

Lizzie Allen

cannot spell

Elizabeth Allen

First year on the Optimist. Always tired but somehow determined.

Vika Terrill

New member of Optimist. Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.

Raya Haghverdi

Raya is really excited to be spending her senior year on the Optimist. When she's not writing stories or accidentally killing her potted plants, you can find her rewatching The Office or binging on Italian food.

Iris Kreilkamp

Passionate about mechanical pencils.

Celie Kreilkamp

First year on staff. 1/2 of the population of gingers on Optimist.

Melissa Thomas

Having just returned to Bloomington after living overseas, Melissa is excited to start following some of the remarkable stories hidden in South.

Logan Hanchett

Hit a dinger that still has not landed in the 2018 softball "game" against Gothic.

John Kelly

Third year with the Optimist.

John Law

Only true athlete on staff. Plans to dominate the Gothic-Optimist softball game.  Holds the Optimist record for most David's Sunflower Seeds unshelled and eaten in one day. Two-time Fantasy Football Champ

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