The Optimist

2018-2019 Staff

Calvin Prenkert


Calvin is very happy to be returning to the Optimist staff this school year. When he is not pursuing journalistic endeavors, he enjoys playing tennis, Frisbee and singing his heart out.

Jen Crystal


Jen is a senior at South who's enjoying her second year on The Optimist. She spends her time watching movies and avoiding physical activity at all costs. She loves a good bar of chocolate and any quality "Heathers" reference.

Taylor Harmon


You probably know me as that girl who trips and falls constantly, often in public places. Lover of plants, ice cream, Julie Andrews and Meryl Streep.

John Kelly

Sports Editor

Second year as a sports/vaping writer for the Optimist.

Lilly Thomas

Staff Photographer/Social Media Manager

Catch me sending bitmojis to your girl.

Maddie Roberts

Staff Writer/Business Ads Manager

Currently in her second year on staff, Maddie is looking forward to making the most of this year while it lasts. She plans to major in Sociology in college as well as continue her studies in Journalism.

Brock Pedersen

Staff Writer

This is Brock's first year on The Optimist staff. He enjoys playing football and lacrosse for BHSS.

Noah Moore

Staff Writer

Noah Moore is a senior and first-year Optimist staff-writer. He enjoys singing, chilling with his dog Ginger and not playing the trumpet. If you see him in public, give him a firm handshake and commend him on his disinterest in...

Colin Doyle

Staff Writer

Colin is in his first year as a staff member of The Optimist. He plays soccer year-round and is a member of the Bloomington Bullets.

Paige Litkenhous

Staff Writer

Paige is a sophomore, and a first year staff writer for the Optimist.  Paige is also a member of the South Science Olympiad Team. In her free time, Paige enjoys baking, and spending time with her family.

Tommy Beggs

Staff Writer

Tommy is a first year writer on the Optimist staff. He is a swimmer for Bloomington South and enjoys the Star Wars Prequels and playing a spirited game of chess. He is slated to bat cleanup against Yearbook in this year's softball...

Kaiya Norris

Staff Writer

Kaiya is a junior and entering her first year on the Optimist staff. She is a varsity cheerleader at South and enjoys spending time with her friends.

Katie Apple

Staff Writer

The shortie you see in the hallways occasionally. Looks like a freshman but is actually a junior.

Jackson Moore

Staff Writer

Jackson Moore is a senior at Bloomington High School South and is excited to be serving in his first year on The Optimist news staff. In his free time, Jackson enjoys playing soccer, tossing the flat ball and eating Chipotle.

Tommy McEvilly

Staff Writer/Photographer

Tommy McEvilly is a senior and first year Optimist staff-writer but appeared as a guest photographer during his junior year. He enjoys singing, chilling with his two cats: Merlot and Sangria and color-coding spreadsheets.

Alexander Christopher

Staff Photographer

Photographer, pedantist, sesquipedalian. And only slightly pretentious. He's excited to participate in his second year with the Optimist staff.

Olivia Dodrill

Staff Photographer

Olivia is in her first year at Optimist. She's a senior and plays basketball at South. Olivia enjoys cuddling with her cats and spending Mondays with Young Life.

Lexi Cornett

Staff Photographer

This is Lexi Rae's second year as a photographer for the Optimist. She enjoys art, film, photography and fashion.

Logan Hanchett

Sports Writer

Logan likes to disc golf, debate and destroy Colin, Brock and J.T. in fantasy football.

Eli Chafin

Staff Writer/ Photographer

Eli is a senior and a first year staff photographer. He likes to paint things, climb things and look at pictures of small animals holding knives.

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