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2016-2017 Staff


Ad/Business Manager

Ad/Business manager of the staff. In charge of sales, random things, and making the ads and posters you see around the school. Enjoys being antisocial and playing video games. In her free time at Optimist, is making an Optimist...

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Ms. Mills


The Optimist adviser and the coach of its perennially winning softball team, Ms. Mills enjoys swimming, cycling and fizzy water. Oxford comma debate: bring it on.

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Eric Johnsen

Staff Writer

Eric Johnsen is a hot new recruit to the staff of the Optimist, joining for his senior year. When he's not busy cracking open school scandals or otherwise carrying on as an intrepid journalist, Eric enjoys tearing it up on the...

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Natalia Fuentes-Rohwer

Staff Artist

Natalia met the love of her life this Summer... A wind turbine named Breezy. Sometimes Natalia does art.

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Isabelle Neal

Staff Writer

Isabelle is most commonly known as a friend to all cats, a lover of all things theatre and a second year staff writer here at the Optimist.

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Lucia Davila


Lucia can most often be found alone, watching Gilmore Girls and contemplating the appeal of 12 years in public education. She also enjoys immersing herself in various forms of art and fueling her passion for ice cream by eating...

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Emma Bowlen

Staff Writer

Emma Bowlen is starting her second year as a writer for the Optimist. Her everyday activities include eating a truckload of food and laying in bed for so long that her body absorbs into the mattress. Occasionally, she attempts...

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Molly Wagschal

Staff Writer

Molly Wagschal is a new writer for the Optimist this school year. She is a goat enthusiast and a human/animal rights activist. Molly also enjoys playing the violin and listening to Latin pop music.

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Lucy Anderson

Staff Writer

Lucy Anderson is an exciting Sophomore who enjoys playing volleyball and reading. Her favorite book is A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.  Lucy loves playing volleyball and playing fantasy football. If she isn't doing an...

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Mallorey Daunhauer


Mallorey Daunhauer, commonly known as the "ginga ninja", is joining the Optimist staff for her second year as a photographer. She enjoys petting dogs, going on adventures, listening to records, eating peanut butter, and watching...

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Toudora Galuska


Toudora (aka 2d, tootie fruity, touds, pouds, or tootles) likes sweet potatoes, cool socks, adventures, and otters. Her favorite things to do are kayak at Griffy and explore abandoned quarries. She's also really good at running...

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Layla Moore


Layla Moore likes eating whole cucumbers, mud, partying, wearing mood hats, and having a good time. Layla is known as "the rock climber" in Optimist. She likes to cave. How deep? Cave deep. Layla is a simple yet complex girl....

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Carlie Williams


Carlie is new to the Optimist staff this school year as a photographer. When she isn't behind a camera you can find her on the golf course, at the nearest pet shop, or binge watching on her latest Netflix craze!

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Elizabeth Rickert

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Rickert has a strong, deep rooted passion for the bee movie. Elizabeth likes to make frozen foods like the kind from a package. But when she doesn't do that, she likes to bake julia child's level desserts. One time her...

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Chris Forrester

Staff Writer

Chris is a new member of the Optimist staff for the 2016-17 school year and is excited to be a part of the team. He is a figure skater, senior leader of PROUD, social justice advocate, part-time artist, full-time social media...

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Shelby Newland


Due to minor miscalculations, Shelby has found herself in the year 2016. With the hopes of finding a more suitable time period, she joined the Optimist staff in an attempt to gain access to their extensive record of old publications....

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Anna Brown

Photo Editor

Anna has been the photo editor, a photographer, and the social media editor throughout her three years on staff. Along with her great enjoyment of photographing her cat, she also enjoys being outside, eating pad Thai, and...

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