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Btown welcomes fall event season

Jordis Kieffer, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

     With Fall coming up, the weather is going to be cooling down and leaves will be changing, making it the perfect time for events in Bloomington, IN. Some main events that will be in Bloomington...

Meet a furry friend in the language department

Meet a furry friend in the language department

Celie Kreilkamp, Staff Writer May 5, 2021

  Students may have noticed a new face (and snout, and paws) around the halls of South the past few months. Enter Sasha!  Sasha is BHSS Spanish teacher Señor Garcia's support animal. Sasha...

Calling all playwrights: Mini Play Festival seeks your work

Graeson Jordan, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

This year, miniplay invites students in 3rd-12th grade to participate in a short play writing contest, with the theme of MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE. 1st-3rd prize winners will receive a staged reading of their...

Morgenstern Books returns to Bloomington after 25 years

Iris Kreilkamp, Editor March 19, 2021

Rejoice, bookworm Bloomingtonians! Morgenstern Books is coming back to Bloomington. Those who remember Bloomington in the '90s might remember the Eastside bookstore -- opened in 1990 in Eastland Plaza...

5 Songs You Might Have Missed

Maizie Jeskewich, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

5 Songs From 2020 You May Have Missed Cayendo (Side A- Acoustic) by Frank Ocean: As Frank Ocean is a very popular artist, with many hits, including “Thinking Bout You”, “Nights”, and “Ivy”,...

Discover some new tunes with Optimist Best of 2020 Playlist

Ashwin Prabhakar, Staff Writer January 27, 2021

  Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now Absurdist forms of internet pop music, often labeled “Hyperpop” or “Bubblegum Bass” took a step toward the mainstream in 2020 as more and more people...

Getting Started with Rise of Kingdom: A Beginner’s Guide

Jenna Torline, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

Rise of Kingdoms. We’ve all heard its name once or twice through its merciless advertising tactics that span across about every platform you can imagine, however, unlike most games who take the route...

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Top 10 Things To Do In Bloomington That Aren’t “Have A Frat Party”

Lizzie Allen, Editor August 27, 2020

Townies know what fall brings: sweater weather, autumn leaves, and of course, IU students! Everybody in Bloomington loves the IU kids, but it seems like the only things that the IU kids love about Bloomington...

New music out now!

New music out now!

Lizzie Allen, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

Need some new music to listen to? Head over to Spotify and check out South junior Teddy Gonyea’s new album, TeddySounds.  Gonyea released his debut album April 11, 2020, after about three years of...

What happened in France?

What happened in France?

Lizzie Allen, Staff Writer March 26, 2020

It’s astonishing how fast you can go from eating a delicious Parisian dinner to sitting on the floor of your chaperones’ hotel room at 3:30 a.m., worried that you won’t be able to get out of the...

Five ways to stay busy in quarantine

Five ways to stay busy in quarantine

Hailey Allgood, Staff writer, Ad manager March 26, 2020

It’s the third day of your quarantine adventure, maybe your 10th depending on your spring break plans. You have played Barbies with your little sister more than should be allowed, and you now know the...

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