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Sounds of South Scores Well in ISSMA

Jack Crystal, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

On the 23rd of March the Sounds of South choir group went to the Heritage Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and won a lot of awards. As a group they won the Outstanding Choral Group Award, the Adjudicator...

South Speaks about “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Elena Rupp, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is coming to theaters May 6th as the latest installment of Phase Four of the MCU. What viewers know about the movie is that, “Dr Strange casts a forbidden...

Heartstopper Review

Heartstopper Review

Jordis Kieffer, Writer May 4, 2022

       On April 22, Netflix released a new original series called Heartstopper that has been in the top ten on Netflix since it dropped, and should definitely be on your must-watch list for this...

New emojis cause excitement

New emojis cause excitement

Boone Law, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

With the release of iOS 15.4, Apple has unveiled their brand new set of emojis. The update comes with more smiley emojis, multiracial handshake emojis, and improved gender representation, among other emojis....

“As It Was” Wasn’t As Expected

Bella Inman April 6, 2022

Unexpectedly, on March 23 Harry Styles announced that his third solo album titled Harry’s House will be released May 20, 2022. Soon after, on April 1, he released a single called “As It Was.”  With...

Wheels v.s. Doors

Emma Kershner and Boone Law March 10, 2022

A new debate has exploded on TikTok about whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. Users are very divided and seem to keep adding new arguments to their cases. Here are a few student opinions.    “Wheels...

Four books to cozy up with in winter

Jordis Kieffer, Staff Writer January 28, 2022

    It is finally the middle of the winter and it can get boring throughout the winter but don’t worry. Reading these four books will keep you occupied during these cold times. The Hate U Give...

No time to be puzzled, PuzzleFest is coming!

Jordis Kieffer, Writer January 13, 2022

     If you are puzzled as to any fun things to do this month, International Puzzle Day is coming up soon on Jan. 29, and like every year Monroe County will be hosting its annual PuzzleFest between...

Optimist’s 25 tiny ways to improve your 2022

Celie Kreilkamp, Co-Editor January 11, 2022

The new year is a time to refresh and restart, so to celebrate 2022, Optimist wanted to compile a list of little ways to make life better. We hope all our readers have a wonderful new year and consider...

Bloons Tower Defense 6 strategy guide UPDATED, part 1

Oscar Burkson and Dante Valentino December 16, 2021

Since Optimist students are too busy creating award-winning student journalism to play mobile games, we asked star player and South senior Oscar Burkson to help update our Bloons Tower Defense Strategy...

Bloomington Jazz Fest swings back into action

Dante Valentino, Staff Writer December 9, 2021

Ya like Jazz? If so, then swing by Jazz Fest at Bloomington North on Friday, December 10, 5 p.m.-10pm, or Saturday, December 11, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. South’s Jazz bands will be having their first performance...

South students enjoy daily puzzling in the library

Puzzling a fun pastime for panthers

Celie Kreilkamp, Co-Editor December 8, 2021

A growing number of South students have been doing jigsaw puzzles in the library this winter. Senior Graci Lane puzzles because she likes to take some rest time from work during her study hall period. "Puzzling...

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