The Optimist

  • May 9Commencement scheduled for June 2

  • April 10Finals May 24th and 25th

2017-2018 Staff

Maddie Roberts

Staff Writer

Joseph Ermey

Staff Writer

2nd year writing for Optimist.

Jen Crystal

Staff Writer

  "Greetings and salutations." Jen is a junior at BHSS. She loves chocolate and good Gilmore Girls or Heathers references.

John Law

Sports Writer

Only true athlete on staff. Plans to dominate the Gothic-Optimist softball game.  Holds the Optimist record for most David's Sunflower Seeds un shelled and eaten in one day.

Logan Hanchett

Sports Writer

Logan, also known as "Hanchett" or "Mr. President," is a sophomore at South. Logan enjoys playing baseball and getting frequently beaten by his superior, John Law, in fantasy football.

Iona Pfingston

Staff Writer

Iona is a senior at BHSS. They enjoy nothing but a nice cup of coffee.

Seth Thomas

Web Technician

That numskull that didn't take journalism or photography

Lilly Thomas

Staff Writer/Photographer

Lilly is a junior at BHSS. She enjoys thrifting, cookie brownies, and her blind Chihuahua, Etta.

Mallorey Daunhauer


Mallorey is a fan of listening to records, eating vegan ice cream, watching 90s TV shows, going on hikes, and petting all dogs. She is ecstatic to be on the Optimist staff for her third year.

Ethan Baer

Sports Writer

Ethan, is currently a junior at South. Last year, he set the record for least advertisements sold. It is often said that the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

Taylor Harmon

Staff Writer/Photographer

You probably know me as that girl who trips and falls constantly, often in public places. Lover of plants, ice cream, and Meryl Streep.

Will Gibbons


  Professional Staff Monkey (If you find my chin, please return to A125)

Calvin Prenkert

Staff Writer/Photographer

Calvin is a junior at South and is thrilled to be on staff this year. Calvin enjoys eating Schneider's Sourdough nibblers and listening to Mac Demarco in his Subaru hatchback. Calvin generally spends time throwing the flatball,...

Molly Wagschal


Molly Wagschal is returning to the Optimist for her second year. She is a goat enthusiast and has a great passion for the Spanish language. Molly also enjoys playing the violin and listening to Latin pop music.

Elizabeth Rickert


Very stressed.

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