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NHS Honor Cords

Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer/Photographer

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With graduation quickly approaching, seniors are scrambling to finish the final tasks of their senior year. Among the most popular of these tasks are National Honors Society members completing their required 10 hours of service work. One of the obvious benefits from being a member of NHS is the honor cord you are eligible to walk with at graduation; the price of the cord varying on when it is bought. NHS Vice President Ben Johnson explains “the later you purchase a cord, the more expensive it is.”

Students who have yet to finish the required 10 hours of service work are becoming increasingly panicked as they are told by BHSS faculty representative for NHS, Megan Parmenter, that they are not able to purchase an honor cord until they have finished their 10 hours. NHS President Eric Johnsen claims, “People think they won’t get their honor cord, which is exactly what we want them to think so they will do their service hours.” Johnsen expresses his frustration toward students who have not finished or started their service hours, stating “people have to do all their service hours, it is the NHS requirement.” However, the misconception that students will not be able to purchase and walk with an honor cord at graduation is false. Johnsen explains that students will be able to purchase their cords, but due to the time of the purchase they will be more expensive than if they finished their service hours earlier.

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NHS Honor Cords