Ryser Memorial Scholarship award

Iona Pfingston, Staff Writer

The Writers Guild at Bloomington is offering a scholarship for an MCCSC student to attend the Indiana University Writers’ Conference. The conference, which will be held from June 2-6 on the IU Bloomington campus, will host workshops and classes on poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, graphic novels, screenplays and more.

The deadline for this scholarship is March 31. One of the materials needed to apply is a portion of your own writing, which must be between five and 10 pages. It can be either poetry or prose. Another piece is the personal statement, which explains “what writing means to you; what you want to learn; how you feel writing will be a part of your life as you grow.”

This work is to be emailed to [email protected] and will be reviewed by a panel of Writers Guild members.

The scholarship was established in honor of Joan Ryser, who recently passed away. She was an English teacher at South for many years and decided to contribute to a “non-profit literacy organization” after her death. The Bloomington Writers Guild was the recipient of these funds and created this scholarship in return.