Theatre South performs one act plays

Calvin Prenkert, Staff Writer/Photographer

The Advanced Theatre Productions class will perform a series of one-act plays this Friday, April 20, at 7 p.m. in Carmichael Hall. The advanced acting class, led by speech and theatre teacher Catherine Rademacher, was brought back into the course offerings this year due to popular demand.


Two selections, “All in the Timing” (a piece divided into three parts) and “The Actor’s Nightmare” are performed by the 15-person class. There will be a 15 minute intermission, and tickets are priced at $5.


Sophomore Maya Mills, who plays Betty in the “All in the timing’s” first installment, Sure Thing, has enjoyed the challenge of participating in short one act plays.


“Performing with the Theatre class is so much fun. We are all great friends and have such a tight bond,” Mills said.


This is Theatre South’s second production of the school year, following their winter production of “Footloose.” However, these selections are completely different from the blockbuster movie-turned-musical because of their length and conceptual nature.


“The plots are so abstract, and we have only had class time to rehearse. However, everything is coming into place and it will definitely be a fun show,” Mills said.


This different kind of theatre is perfectly demonstrated by sophomore Tyson Gregory, who plays the lead role of George Spervin in “The Actor’s Nightmare.” Gregory’s character finds himself as the stand in for lead roles in several different performances of popular plays, including “Hamlet,” but doesn’t know any of the lines. To that point, within the play he is often shouting “line!” or being fed lines not because he actually needs them, but because it’s what’s written in the script.


“The difference from bigger shows and these is that there isn’t as much to work with; you have to go more off script but not add too many changes or variations because all of it can be critical in the end,” Gregory said.




What: Theatre South’s Advanced Acting class performing one act plays


When: April 20 @ 7 p.m.

Where: BHSS Carmichael Auditorium


Cost: $5 per person