Underclass Honors Night

Maddie Roberts, Staff Writer

Students dressed their best filling up the auditorium seats with the sound of the Jazz Band playing in the background and Assistant Principal Joe Doyle’s voice on the speakers above. Families and friends surround the students awaiting to be called up to the stage to receive their accolades. This is Underclass Honors Night.

Underclass Honors Night is an event that is held every year at South where freshmen, sophomores and juniors are congratulated for their work and participation at school. This year, it is being held on April 23 in the auditorium.

Counselor Joel McKay takes a large part in the planning process.

“It’s a chance to recognize [students], grades nine through 11, for their academic efforts: math, english, science, fine arts, etc.,” McKay said.

McKay said that there are many other categories like perfect attendance, but, “typically, you are getting an award from a teacher, or for your GPA. It’s a good mix of 4.0, honor roll, and teacher recommendation.”

Students are usually picked through a teacher nomination from any class during any trimester. Students with a 4.0 GPA or above in any trimester may also be picked for an award without a teacher nomination.

Although plenty of students attend the event, some students decide to not show up.

“I went freshman year, but it wasn’t memorable at all. I have more important things going on,” junior Eli Chafin said.

Sophomore Aftyn Cappy is attending this year even though she deems it unnecessary.

Cappy said, “It’s rewarding students for good grades so it is kind of necessary, but it is basically the same thing as the Panther Plus awards, and then they have this.”

When asked about why Underclass Honors Night became an annual event, McKay said, “It’s been going on longer than I’ve been here, so it was probably done as a way to honor for an end of the year commemoration.”

Ultimately, McKay said, “If someone has stuck out as being in the top 10 to 15 percent in their class, I think it’s worth recognizing.”