Anonymous donor provides extra security for South

Joseph Ermey, Staff Writer

This past month, Bloomington High School South (aided by an anonymous donor) has received new security for the building. Due, in part, to the rise in school shootings, the guard is stationed in the atrium during lunch hours, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The new security is the only guard in the school who is armed. Joining the four current members of the South security team, Bloomington Police Department and Indiana State Police off-duty officers fill the position on a rotating schedule. Despite being opened thanks to family sponsorship, school administration made sure the guard would be as responsible as the other staff in the building.

“He’s guarding the whole school, not just one student,” Assistant Principal Jay True commented.

This raises many questions about the reach of independent donors in the school, but this is not the first time South has received changes like this. For example, the clock in the South pool was installed thanks to a donation too. Even still, the question remains open as to where the extent of donation ends. What does the school accept donations for? Are there purchases that are off-limits?

“That’s something the administration will deal with case-by-case,” True said. The enactment of more donor programs remains to be seen. In the meantime, South will hopefully feel a little safer.

Harris, an off duty state trooper, is armed while inside BHSS.