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Netflix’s “Insatiable”

Kaiya Norris, Staff Writer

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When I first heard about Netflix’s Insatiable, I was instantly intrigued. As a big advocate for promoting body positivity, I was pleased to hear that a massive influencer like Netflix was putting out content that was both entertaining and informative. After doing some research on the series, I was met with thousands of tweets, articles and instagram posts revealing the controversial content included in the show.

The series definitely started with a bang, confirming every statement claiming that Insatiable was Netflix’s bad break. Episode one begins with successful lawyer and pageant coach, Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) being accused of child molestation by his client’s mother after he fails to bring her daughter to victory.  The client and her mother were also shown explaining to Bob why “keeping trannies [transgender people] out of the ladies room” is important. There were already so many red flags in this show, I thought I was watching an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Debby Ryan defended the “coming of rage story”  on Twitter by sharing her own personal experiences with body image and claimed Insatiable is bringing light to “difficult conversations.” Co-star Alyssa Milano also spoke up, saying that the producers are addressing the damage of fat shaming through humor.

Intentional or not, Insatiable is targeting those affected by bullying, eating disorders, mental health problems, body dysmorphia, etc. It is a slap in the face to people of all shapes and sizes, implying that their weight invalidates them as successful beings.

Thousands of viewers, including myself, are very disappointed in Netflix’s decision to air the show and are hoping that the company will make a choice to promote these difficult issues in a healthier, more positive way.

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Netflix’s “Insatiable”