NBA 2K19 takes gamers by storm

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NBA 2K19 takes gamers by storm

Jackson Moore, Staff Writer

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During the past summer, all newly released video games were overshadowed by the seemingly “king,” Fortnite. Since Sept. 2017, players from the Xbox, Playstation, and PC have been enthralled with the Battle Royale released by Epic Games. This game peaked in popularity during the summer of 2018 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, but other games are coming back onto the scene. One game that was just released last weekend, NBA 2K19, is taking the sports gaming community by storm.

This version of Take-Two Interactive’s famous NBA basketball game is the 19th in line as next year will mark the 20 year anniversary. 2K19 has made many obvious improvements in the game including a brand new neighborhood to compensate for players complaints in last year’s version. Also, along with a brand new storyline for the character, 2K developers designed a new system for when players drive to the basket. A shot meter now appears when going up for a layup and dunks have become less reliable. These new changes have made players very happy with their decision to purchase the biggest sports game out right now.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems in 2K18 was the amount of loading time between games.

“Although 2K listened to the fans in a lot of badly needed areas, loading problems, gameplay issues, and still painfully slow leveling have plagued the game,” head security guard Corbin Calvert said.

Since the game just came out this week, players will have to wait to see if any efforts are made to improve this major problem.

Calvert added “many cool new features include historic draft class, more in depth my league and the in game takeover feature.”

These newly added parts may make up for the slow loading especially if the 2K team assesses this problem.

NBA 2K19 may have a hard time outselling 2K18 as last year’s game was able to sell approximately 10 million copies. However, the major improvements in the function of the game should encourage players to purchase 2K19 to play the best version of the series. This game has taken the basis of all the games and put them together to make a very user friendly, fun game. As a player who has bought and grinded these games since 2K13, I would strongly suggest this game to whoever enjoyed the successors to 2K19.

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