Optimize: week of Oct. 1

Welcome to Optimize, a weekly update to keep you informed on what has happened during the week. Here are five national/international stories (and one local one) that you should know:

Russia in question over global “cyber-plots”

Russia is yet again in the center of international attention after allegations from the US, UK and other various nations came out. These allegations claim that the Russian intelligence service, the GRU, had been plotting and attempting to execute a series of cyber-hacks across the globe.

Chinese President propaganda game-show

President Xi Jinping created a game show that plans to quiz contestants on “how well” you know the president and communist ideology.

Trump claims Kavanaugh protesters were paid

President Trump made a statement about Kavanaugh protestors being paid, and that they were trying to make lawmakers “look bad.” This was preempted by two women going up to Sen. Jeff Flake and sharing their sexual assault stories which led to them being told to grow up.

Netflix stock drops 5 percent

Netflix stock dropped five percent as the the general trend of the market dropped two percent as a whole. This has many investors worried as Netflix didn’t show any warning signs. This turn of events has people looking into investing in other stocks.

Elon Musk Twitter complaints

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reached an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has said that he will constrain his Twitter usage. However, Musk was back to bashing investors who bet against Tesla shares on social media.

Local Bonus: IU gets $44 million grant to study Alzheimer’s

Indiana University received a large grant of $44 million from the National Institutes of Health. This money will go toward a study for a specific form of Alzheimer’s disease, which will be officially known as the Longitudinal Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease Study. Neurologist and neuroscientist Liana Apostolova from the IU School of Medicine will be leading the study as well as partnering with other researchers across the country.