Boy’s football goes up against their toughest match yet.

Will Hopkins, Sports Editor

It’s going to be a big night for the Panther football team.

So far the Panthers have been able to defend their undefeated record. They are set to face Southport tonight in their third conference game of the year. Southport (3-1) will be the toughest team that South has faced this year.

It should be an exciting game, with the Panther team averaging 165 rushing yards per game with Southport at 65. However, Southport has dominated passing this year averaging almost 300 yards per game while the Panthers average 162. Because both of these teams have their strengths on the offensive side of the ball, it looks like this game will come down to defense. South leads Southport in both sacks and tackles per game.

“[Southport’s] line is really weak, so we should be able to get a hand full of sacks,” junior linebacker Sam Helm said. “Devin Buchtman is a player on defensive line. I think that Devin Buchtman will get a sack.”
Kickoff for tonight’s game is at 7:00, be there to support the Panthers for what will hopefully be another decisive win.