The Hour of Code returns in December

Tommy Beggs, Staff Writer

The Hour of Code, a national program that will Bloomington South will participate in for the second year, is approaching. During the week of Dec. 3-9, Bloomington South will participate in an hour of computer programming during SRT with the goal of teaching students the basics of coding. The Hour of Code explains on their website that their goal is to provide “a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code,” to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.” Malala Yousafzai and Bill Gates are notable advocates of this program.

Computer science has been one of the fastest growing professional fields for several years. This prominence creates a necessity for workers that understand basic computer science. MCCSC recognizes this promising field, and requires all schools to participate in various coding activities by age.

Though the goal is admirable, some students are disenchanted by how it is being reached. South Senior Caleb Berger agrees that coding is an important skill, but does not think that the Scratch derivative variant of coding is useful in giving students a solid foundation for coding education.

Visual programming languages such as the Scratch Derivative that is used in the Hour of Code don’t help make programming easier. It is exchanging a character for character syntax for a shape for shape syntax” Berger, said “it would be so much easier to use JavaScript or Python to be able to keep learning on your own.”

Computer jobs are the number one source of new wages in the United States according to our school system. There are many benefits, professionally and otherwise, of learning the basics of coding, so when Dec. arrives, give the Hour of Code a chance. You just might learn to do something that you really enjoy.