Dj Maddøg and a cruise with Ke$ha

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

One of Bloomington’s local DJs is making her way to win an opportunity to perform with the iconic pop star, Ke$ha.

Madison True often works as a substitute teacher for South during the day, but at night is pumping up crowds. She Djs every Friday at The Backdoor and runs the sound for several drag shows.

“One of the queens [will be] going on the cruise and sent me the link — so I just sent in a music video I made and a small spiel about becoming [and] being a female DJ. I [eventually] got an email back saying I was in the top ten,” True said.

“Ke$ha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride” cruise will set sail on Feb. 17, and it will return on Feb. 21, 2019. The cruise will sail from and back to Tampa, Florida with a brief stop at Nassau, Bahamas.

True is currently the only female left in the competition.

“We have all these women’s empowerment movements going on, which are all lining up with why I decided to become a DJ — and with [the] same message I had when starting this hobby,” True said.

In a few weeks, the top five DJs will be announced and will advance to the next round of voting. From there, the top three of those five will be the winners of the competition.

“You have to read a crowd to be a good DJ [as well as] know who is out there,” said True.