Theatre South presents “Proof”

Taylor Harmon, Editor

This week marks the beginning of “tech week” for Theatre South’s upcoming production, Proof, by David Auburn.

The show stars seniors Katie Nunn, Sylvie Rasche, Alex Christopher, juniors Alex Coniaris and Logan Wilson and sophomores Noel Martin and Lya Anderson.

Director and theatre teacher, Catherine Rademacher, describes Proof as “A poignant drama about love and reconciliation that unfolds on the back porch of a house settled in a suburban university town that is, like Auburn’s writing, both simple and elegant.”

According to Rademacher, the show is about “the young but guarded Catherine grieving over the loss of her father, a famous mathematician for solving complicated proofs, who also suffered from dementia. Just as Catherine begins to worry that she, too, might suffer from her father’s condition, her older sister Claire returns home to ‘settle’ family affairs. During this time, Hal, one of her father’s old students, starts to poke around the house. What Hal discovers in an old speckle-bound notebook brings to light a buried family secret.”

The cast (Thespian Troupe #5583) will be taking Proof to the Regional Thespian Conference, where they will perform and compete against other school theatre groups in Indiana.

Nunn has been a member of Theatre South and a member of the National Thespian Society for two years, and believes people should come see the show for its intriguing plot line.

“It showcases the love, hardships and loss everyone goes through at some point in their lives,” Nunn said. “I also love working with Ms. Rademacher and the rest of the cast. The show has really allowed us to bond and learn more about each other.”

Performance dates are Nov. 9, 10, 16 and 17 at 7p.m. at Bloomington High School South. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $8 for students, with complimentary tickets available for faculty members.