Halloween favorites at South


Alexander Christopher

Paige Litkenhous, Staff Writer

With Halloween in full swing, South students have become nostalgic of their own childhood memories of Halloween and the spirit of dressing up in costumes and braving the cold to go trick or treating.

Although students may miss their years of receiving candy from their neighbors, everybody has strong opinions on which kinds of candy are best and the ones that should be tossed. Along with the debate on the types of candy, students enjoy relating back to their childhood costumes. Out of 20 various students, people believed that Reese’s was the best Halloween candy. Below, you may find a chart of students opinions on popular candy options.

Although students had different opinions on the best type of candy, people tended to hate one controversial candy: candy corn.

According to sophomore Molly Bui, “Candy corn is an abomination, and should never be given out.”

25 percent of students asked agree, causing candy corn to be the most disliked candy. Below, you can find a breakdown of the least liked candies at South.

Although candy is a highly discussed Halloween topic, many people are/were ecstatic about their Halloween costumes. Students often view their childhood costumes as a source of nostalgia among students. Teenagers and adults alike tend to enjoy relating back to their younger selves, reminiscing on movie-inspired costumes from their youth.

“My favorite Halloween costume was definitely when I dressed up as Spiderman,” junior Tyson Gregory said.  

All in all, Halloween is a great source of nostalgia and candy. Have fun tonight, and be safe!