Auditions for “The Outsiders”

Auditions for The Outsiders

Allison Neal, Co-editor-in-chief

Theatre South is holding auditions for its upcoming production of “The Outsiders,” a play based on the novel by S.E Hinton. The production will be directed by Theatre South sponsor Catharine Rademacher.

Rademacher chose the show because of its small ensemble cast, something that has worked well for the group in the past. She also chose the show for its good themes and relatable characters, the majority of which are teens.

“I think all the junior highs read it,” Rademacher said. “So everybody’s familiar with it in some way.”

There are 17 speaking roles in the play, but some of the minor roles will be played by the same actors in a group of extras. These actors will also function as grips, helping out backstage and bringing props and set pieces on and off stage.

Rehearsals will begin in October, consisting mainly of trust and team building exercises for the cast. They will begin rehearsals to block scenes in November. Rademacher is trying to schedule Theatre South rehearsals around rehearsals for Sounds of South’s “Beauty and the Beast,” so all students interested have a chance to be a part of the production.

Those interested in auditioning should stop by room A101 to pick up sides, short excerpts from the play, to audition with, and sign up for a time slot. Auditions are after school on Wednesday Sept. 30 and Thursday Oct. 1. Callbacks will be Oct. 2. See the Theatre South website for more information about the group.

Auditioning for shows is the best way for new students to get learn about Theatre South, according to Rademacher.

“[New students] could always come into Panther Plus or check out the website. But the best way is to get involved in a show.”