Update on new JUUL policies


Calvin Prenkert, Editor

At the beginning of Oct., South Administration outlined a new policy regarding the usage and possession of electronic cigarettes. A one day suspension and a mandatory educational class were levied at first time offenders, as well as longer suspensions and a fine for those caught on multiple occasions.

Now, nearly a month later, South security guard Corbin Calvert outlined the impact the new rule has had on students. He explained that the primary location for those who JUUL is the bathroom; and while he feels as if the boys have cut back, he believes that the girls have been able to get away with it due to the restrictions of an all male security force checking in the female restrooms.

“We have to have a (female) administrator or teacher, someone we can grab real quick to go in (the restroom),” Calvert said.

Calvert hopes that the next step will be to hire a female security guard, but he has little knowledge where the administration is in that process.

As a whole though, he believes that the policies have been effective, “I think overall yes, because even with the girls we do catch, the penalties are so severe that they don’t want to do it anymore, or at least not in school,” Calvert said.