Panther Regiment bids “Dubie” adieu


Calvin Prenkert

Members of the Panther Regiment perform during the halftime of the South football team’s win over Terre Haute North.

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

Halftime is never dull at South’s home football games. After the football players run off the field, the Panther Regiment takes the stage.

This year’s performance includes songs from “Land of Make Believe,” “Free” and the theme song from the television show “Shaft.”  

“It is a tribute to a marching band that South is very inspired by,” junior Kendall Hewitt said.  

Band director Robert Dubinski, “Dubie,” will be retiring at the end of the school year and is someone to thank for the entertaining performances of Panther Regiment.

Dubie was hired last-minute to work with the band in 1986; only two weeks prior to band camp.

“I like this age… I had some experience teaching middle school and it wasn’t a good fit for me,” Dubinski said. “I much prefer high school students, especially the maturity that comes after sophomore year.”   

Senior Sammy Dennis plays the flute in band. “I have quite the love for him [and] it’s been hard knowing this is his last year,” Dennis said. Sammy described Dubinski as “incredible” and “irreplaceable.”

“Dubie makes class so enjoyable and fun every single day. He’s always doing or saying something to make us laugh,” Dennis said.

Panther Regiment and Band Director Robert Dubinksi helps direct regiment members during their halftime show