Song of the Week- November 12th


After taking the summer and fall trimester off, the Optimist Song of the Week team has returned with new members and to once again enlighten the eardrums of South students.

Four staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings and general overall enjoyment.

Week of Nov. 12:  

This week’s theme: Love

Calvin Prenkert- My song of the week is “Still Love” by Great Caesar. The song has a guitar and drum line that is repetitive, smooth and keeps the listener’s ear. However, where this song really stands out is in its vocals. Some of the best moments are the background vocals, many overlays and hushed vocal rhythms. The raw lead vocals are chilling when isolated, and help you connect with the song and the concept of love and its everlasting qualities.

Jackson Moore- My song of the week is “Sinking” by Jeremy Zucker. Zucker’s work has a chill vibe with generic beats and impressive vocals. This song is found in the middle of his “Motions” album and flows well together in the grand scheme of things. Zucker is the perfect artist to throw on any playlist looking for a relaxed vibe.

Tommy McEvilly- My song of the week is “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar. This song isn’t about happy, hopeful love; it’s more of a bittersweet and longing type of feeling. The song is all about surrendering to your emotions and embracing all that love has to offer, even if it doesn’t work out. Although the song may seem sad, Caesar’s hypnotic, mesmerizing voice is perfect if you’re looking to create a mellow atmosphere.

Noah Moore- My song of the week is “If Not For You” by George Harrison. This song, which Harrison co-wrote with Bob Dylan, appears on his solo debut album “All Things Must Pass.” It’s a fairly simple song you can understand after just one listen, with simple lyrics and a soothing tune. The best word I would use to describe it is earnest.

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