Club vs. South gymnastics


Calvin Prenkert

Senior Lizbeth Funkhouser, who joined the gymnastics as a senior, poses on the beam.

Kaiya Norris, Staff Writer

Over the last few years, the BHSS gymnastics team has experienced big changes, including getting a new coach and losing an increasing amount of team members. School gymnastics is growing increasingly unpopular compared to club gymnastics.

Unlike club gymnastics, school gymnastics is much less intense and significantly cheaper. Students have the chance to go to school and spend time with their teammates inside and outside of the gym, whereas a variety of girls and boys from a variety of schools attend the same gym for club gymnastics. Club is also more expensive than school gymnastics.

In club, you’re not only paying for entry fees and performance attire, but you’re also paying monthly gym fees and private lesson fees. School gymnastics require less fees, and team members are only required to pay for their practice gear, transportation and team apparel. So, why is club gymnastics so much more popular than school gymnastics?

Senior Lizbeth Funkhouser, a member of the South gymnastics team, explained why she loves school gymnastics.

Funkhouser works on a beam routine during practice.

“Gymnastics really does have family feel, especially at South. We cheer each other on and work really hard, but we also joke around and have a good time,” Funkhouser said.  

Funkhouser also talked about the wide variety of talent South gymnastics has, saying “if someone isn’t ready to do an event, there’s plenty of people to cover each event; so there isn’t the pressure of having to be in each event.”

She says that the reason more people don’t try out for school gymnastics is likely because of how time-consuming and stressful club gymnastics is.

“When I was in club gymnastics, I practically lived at my gym. I missed family dinners and holidays. I never went Trick-or-Treating because I wanted to be in the gym as much as I could,” Funkhouser said.

Even though club gymnastics taught her diligence and motivation, she also claimed it consumed her life.

“It might have been kind of unhealthy, but I loved my team and I wanted to be the best for my team.”

However, Funkhouser still loves school gymnastics just like her club gymnastics, and highly encourages other people to join the team.

“It’s a really great time and it really feels like a team.”