Panther Regiment cleans up at competition

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

    Panther Regiment  competed at Bedford North Lawrence last weekend and won first place in their class. They also won Best Music, Best General Effect, Best Visual, Best Percussion and Best Color Guard.

    Senior Natalie Cook said that the whole band was really excited to win first place.  

    “It was a big surprise because the band before us was really good, and one of the bands we also beat was consistently scoring way higher than us, so it was really surprising ,”  Cook said.

    Sophomore Ana Sophia Caballero-Heman also said that the band was shocked to win.

    “For Panther Regiment, it was something we didn’t really expect because the way we perform our show it’s not what a lot of other bands do,” Cabellero-Heman said.

    Panther Regiment will be performing during halftime at this Friday’s game.