Barnes and Noble to close in 2019


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Tommy Beggs, Staff Writer

Barnes and Noble opened in Bloomington in 1995. It will close in February of 2019.

The bookstore on 3rd Street is a casualty of the declining chain of bookstores. For South students, Barnes and Noble has been an ideal study area because of the peace and quiet that it offers, as well as the Starbucks that operates inside the store.

Senior Ben Billett has used Barnes and Noble as a place to prepare for exams, “It’s a quiet  place with a nice coffee shop and a good place to meet friends to study. Some people from my honors physics class went there to get ready for finals.”

Students of Bloomington North and Indiana University gather in the bookstore for the same reason and have echoed this sentiment.

Jim Lampassi, the vice president of real estate for Barnes and Noble, said in an official statement “It has been our pleasure serving this community over the years.”

The student communities in Bloomington will soon have to look elsewhere for a place to find quiet, coffee and cramming.