You’re making my heart beat: a recent revision of AED history at South


Noah Moore, Staff Writer

Those who have previously completed Health at South may remember the most crucial step of CPR: asking an onlooker to call 911 and get an AED. AED’s save lives on the regular. According to AEDs Today, “If a [heart attack] victim receives defibrillation through an AED within the first minute, the survival rate is 90 percent.” When the survival rate of someone experiencing a heart attack overall is 5 percent, it’s not difficult to see the importance of AED’s and their accessibility.

It is crucial that such a device is readily available in public spaces, and South’s recent installation of two new AED’s school wide is an admirable step in prioritizing safety for students and faculty.

Prior to the installation, South had eight AED’s, so the recent additions increase the number to 10. Previously, the AED’s were concentrated around the gym and pool areas, with none on the first or third floor. The new AED’s were added to combat the issue of accessibility by placing the two new machines in the A-wing on the first and third floor.

“We do it for the safety of the students. That’s why we do everything,” South’s Travel RN Brandy Rayles said.

The emphasis on safety is a positive sign for the students of South. While an untrained person should not attempt to use an AED, CPR training is enough certification, so graduates of Health can use them in an emergency if necessary.