Super Smash Bros Ultimate: You got Kir-Beef?


Jackson Moore, Staff Writer

Although high schoolers mostly play games on Xbox, Playstation or PC, there are other platform options. Perhaps the most nostalgic gaming system, the Nintendo Wii, used to be the majority choice for elementary students. Wii Sports, Mario Kart and Tanks offered a diverse set of games to play with friends, but none held weight to “Super Smash Bros Brawl.”

“Super Smash Bros Brawl” was an extremely popular game when it was released in 2008. This title was one of the first games to put well known Nintendo characters into a game where you can fight against friends or computers. It gave players an opportunity to play as whoever they wanted and put their skills to the test.

“Super Smash Bros Brawl” has lost its popularity as the Wii is now outdated by two generations of Nintendo consoles. To satisfy the game’s avid fanbase, Nintendo created a revamped version for the new portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

“Super Smash Bros Ultimate” became the most preordered game for the Switch before its release last Friday. It has many different game modes that some players at South haven’t even had a chance to try all of them. One well known mode is called “Spirits,” which is similar to the regular story mode from the previous released version. You also have the classic smash game mode where you take on either friends or AI controlled characters. Junior Alexander Trippel enlightened me on why this game is so fun and why South students should consider getting a switch.

“I love the new Squad Strike game mode where you choose to play 3v3 or 5v5; and once one fighter loses a match, the next fighter takes their place. [“Super Smash Bros Ultimate”] is a must buy for the Switch. It’s got hours of gameplay. I’ve clocked 12 hours and it’s only been a week,” Trippel said.

The new game is quite similar to the first brawl game, but mechanic changes have been made to enhance gameplay. For players who have been invested into the series, this game is said to be a mixture of “Super Smash Bros Melee,” “Super Smash Bros Brawl” and “Super Smash Bros 4.”


The Nintendo Switch has released a plethora of games to excite players. With games like “Mario Kart,” “Mario Odyssey” and “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” being only on the Switch, players are beginning to consider a move.