South’s girls basketball team joins fight against cancer


Brock Pedersen, Sports Writer

BHSS basketball has been teaming up with the organization Coaches vs. Cancer for the past couple years to help in the fight against cancer. They donate to the organization that for the past 25 years have been teaming up with high school and NCAA basketball to help with the cause. Through fundraising and other initiatives, these basketball teams have raised money to support the cause Coaches vs. Cancer.

The former head coach of the Missouri men’s basketball team, Norm Stewart, came up with the idea to support others with cancer. A cancer survivor himself, he challenged fans to donate one dollar for every three pointer made during the game. This challenge created a snowball effect that made other coaches and teams start to donate and fundraise as well.  

The Coaches vs Cancer cause has sparked a nationwide interest. High schools and colleges have games dedicated towards this cause, and tournaments as well. BHSS has become a part of this trend by wearing and selling t-shirts during the BHSN vs BHSS girls basketball game. They donated some of the money made to freshman Maeley Robinson’s family, who recently lost her mother to cancer.

“It’s a good cause. Donating to an organization that does something good is cool” junior forward Olivia Blackketter said. “To help out those who need it, is always a good thing.”

The Coaches vs Cancer cause will continue to help those who have been affected by cancer. The organization has raised over $950,000 in 25 years, and South adds more to the total number as well as showing awareness for the cause by wearing all pink to the North v. South rival game, and wearing the Coaches vs. Cancer t-shirts. Coaches vs Cancer, collegiate teams, and high schools will continue to help the fight against cancer and give to those who need it most.