Tis’ the season for Airpods

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Calvin Prenkert and Jackson Moore

This Christmas, many South students were delighted to find that Santa had left a special pair of earbuds under the tree.

Released in late 2016, the AirPods are tech giant Apple’s first foray into bluetooth cordless earphones. Priced at a lofty $160, the AirPods are not your average impulse buy. For many students, the AirPods ended up at the top of their Christmas wish list, and it seems Santa delivered.

Since returning from the break, you may have noticed the amount of students owning and using AirPods at school has dramatically increased. These Airpods, conveniently held in a case and easy to charge, have been occupying students ears in the hallway, in the lunchroom, and in classes.

“I got them on Christmas, and I enjoy that the wires don’t get all tangled up so you don’t have to spend five minutes untangling them,” junior Abby Arvin said. “The sound quality isn’t super noticeable, and I would say the $160 is too pricey.”

“I feel like they are a fantastic financial investment for Christmas, they’re perfect.The sound quality is amazing and you don’t have to worry about the wire getting yanked on anything. Personally, as an apple product, I didn’t expect them to be any cheaper, but they are overpriced just like the phones,” senior Dillon Rego said.

Although many students received the coveted AirPods during the holiday season, its seems they may not be worth the price they are listed at. The wireless features and the improved sound quality are important innovations and make the earphones appealing. However, sitting at $160, the air pods seem a reliable gift on the wishlist for holidays or birthdays, but probably aren’t worth the money straight out of your own pocket.