South students make 2019 New Year’s resolutions

Tommy Beggs, Staff Writer

New Year’s resolutions are infamous in their ability to break the will of the most motivated among us. Despite the difficulty in maintaining lifestyle changes, the shift to 2019 is the perfect opportunity to make a positive change in your life. Some South students have resolved to be a better version of themselves.

Senior Vincent Andrews has set the admirable goal of taking quicker showers so as “to help the environment.” Even small changes can have a big impact over time.

Senior Dexter Wu-Courts wants to start listening to his mother more attentively. Sometimes it is difficult to put down whatever you’re working on and make time for family, but Wu-Courts believes he can succeed in this change.

Junior James Lundell has resolved to use his time more efficiently. He wants to complete his homework and other activities more effectively after school and sports. Who doesn’t need a little improvement on time management?

Junior Maggie Doyle has resolved to “try to drink a water bottle per class period.” This is a great suggestion for everyone, as proper hydration improves focus and performance in a classroom setting.

The Optimist will return to these students next month to find out how these South students fare with their resolutions.