Optimize: week of Jan. 21


Welcome to Optimize, a weekly update to keep you informed on what has happened during the week. Here are five national/international stories (and one local one) that you should know:

New York state passes new law to protect women’s access to abortion

Though the Reproductive Health Act was initially introduced in 2006. The bill was introduced with a Republican-controlled Senate and was immediately blocked. The bill ensures that doctors performing abortions are protected by law, and it makes sure that women have the right to a safe, legal abortion. The Reproductive Health Act also addresses late-term abortions, stating that women are allowed abortions in the third trimester if the fetus is not viable or if the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life.

Trump ends shutdown for three weeks

President Trump agreed with Senate leaders to reopen the government for three weeks, marking a close to the longest shutdown in U.S. history. Pressure from Congress arose Friday due to the heavy amount of airport delays. This is fortunate for those who have been unable to work, but the issue involving the wall has yet to be solved, so the government will be shutting down again after these next few weeks.

The “oldest rock” found on the Moon

A rock that had been fired off the Earth, possibly from a comet or asteroid, was just found on the surface of the Moon. Scientists believe that this could potentially be 4.1 billion years old which would make it the oldest rock discovered. After completing tests on the lunar substance, it had many minerals found commonly on Earth but none found commonly on the Moon.

Venezuela’s recent political crisis

On Wednesday, nationwide protests against the Venezuelan government took place which have been the first large-scale protests in the country since 2017. Lawmaker Juan Guaidó stepped up, naming himself a better president for Venezuela because he considers the current government there illegitimate. The U.S. as well as other Western countries have agreed to this statement.

American airstrikes in Afghanistan go against their peace talks

After U.S. diplomats negotiated possible peace terms with the Taliban, the U.S. deployed two airstrikes on the Taliban area of southern Afghanistan. The airstrikes killed 29 people, primarily women and children, causing much controversy and is having people look back at the heavy amount of deaths in 2018 due to airstrikes (nearly 2,800 civilians).  

Local Bonus: Joella’s Hot Chicken offers people a years’ worth of free chicken

On Thursday morning, the first 100 people waiting at Joella’s by eight a.m. received 52 coupons worth about $10 each and they are redeemable once a week. The idea came about as a way to promote the opening of the new restaurant and as a competitive advantage since it is located right next to a Chick-Fil-A and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. A large crowd gathered with tents, blankets, and coats to camp overnight. This was especially useful for the homeless and even some broke college kids decided to take the challenge.