New to South: Unified Track

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New to South: Unified Track

Colin Doyle, Sports Writer

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Bloomington South will have a call-out meeting for Unified track this Monday and Tuesday after school.

The IHSAA recently sanctioned Unified track, which is a sport for students with and without intellectual disabilities. The 100, 400, 4X100, shot put and long jump are the events offered. This program is now offered at South.

“Unified track is new at our school, but it is not new to the IHSAA. Bloomington North has had it for the past three years, and now that we have  got a team, all of Conference Indiana can compete in Unified track,” special education teacher and club sponsor Lacy Kantor said.

Unified sports are a great way to integrate all students into sports in a safe environment. Over 1.4 million students participate in Unified sports across the United States and other countries. Students of similar skill sets are paired together to make games more fun for all. Students with disabilities don’t have the same opportunities to participate on their school team, so by introducing Unified sports to Indiana high-schools, the IHSAA is providing more chances for those students to represent their school.

Having a sport in common can help erase many stereotypes and bring people together. The Special Olympics program works with Unified sports to ensure these opportunities. Over 215 colleges in America have a Special Olympic club to continue to give Unified sport opportunities.

“Any student who is not participating in a spring varsity sport can join the Unified track team, so if you are free then come join the team! It is a great way for all students of all abilities to be on a team and compete,” Kantor said.

Unified track is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a varsity sport with your friends to support your peers. It is a very rewarding experience, and you will get the chance to meet some amazing people while competing for your school.

“Unified track will be a great experience, and working with the best buddies will be fun,” former track runner senior Tess Harrison said.

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