The curious case of Panther Activity Council

Jackson Moore and Jammyoomyvin Antvidscoward Prenvillybeggmoor

Panther Preview is often a students’ first memory of South. Panther Activity Council, or PAC, members always run this meeting. However, the club’s dormant action leads us to believe in a deterioration of PAC.

The club was previously directed by Cindy Chrzastowski, but the torch was handed off in 2017. Chrzastowski was an assistant principal before 2017, and now teaches AP art, drawing, painting, digital photography, and screen printing. The ensuing teachers who’ve taken control after Chrzastowski’s reign have yet to get a flow for the way PAC runs.

Spanish teachers Shelby Batten and Kathryn Reeves took over the club after former math teacher Hannah Graber left South. When any club changes leaders, it takes time to get a feel for how to initiate students into the system. PAC seems to have shifted after this change in power, so we found some members to enlighten us on what the club is up to.

Next year’s president, junior Kira Kunzman, has ideas to change the narrative:

“I’m hoping next year to promote our food drive and other service projects more. I think we were a little behind this year so we didn’t get as long to advertise it,” Kunzman said. “Hopefully next year we can get more classes and students involved with community service, not just service in the school.”

Sophomore Ohm Shah encourages students to join PAC:

“You get much more involved with the school. PAC is really fun, you get a free t-shirt and are able to impact the first year of high school for freshmen students.”

PAC may still be in a lull because of the change in power, but there are underclassmen, such as Kunzman and Shah, that are ready to take command of the club.