South Speaks: spring break

Hailey Allgood, Staff Writer

Spring break is a glorious time of the year for students of all classes. It provides a relief from standardized tests, grimacing finals and the strain of being a high school student. From going to exotic locations to staying in the comfort of your own home, South students are always looking forward to this week long hiatus. The optimist asked various students about their plans over spring break.

“I’m going to Europe and i’m excited to learn about [the] vast similarities and differences between their culture compared to ours,” senior Madeline Kinnarney said.  “It will be interesting to see the differences in living.”

“My family and I are going to Florida and Universal Studios. I am excited to see the attractions and finally have [some] warm weather. I really hope the break is a good refresher,” sophomore Clara Ford said.

“I’m celebrating my birthday over spring break! Who wants to celebrate with me?!” senior Jenna Newland said.

Freshman Jaylen Arthur commented, “My family is headed to Chicago for spring break. We are going to visit a lot of skate parks and the Cubs stadium.”