Robot takeover

Hailey Allgood, Staff Writer

Bloomington South is famous for its successful clubs. From Dance Marathon, Panther Activity Council and Junior Advisory Board, South students are not only hardworking in their extra curriculars, but they are also dedicated to the success of them. The Robotics team, Quadrangles, is a perfect example of this.

The Robotics team works throughout the year to create intricate robots that complete simple tasks. The completed project is then tested and taken to competitions around the state. In each competition, the robots are tested on their ability to effectively finish the tasks the machines were created to complete .

Quadrangles member, sophomore Peyton Gross, described her role in the group.

“I work with the writing of awards, fundraising and marketing. I also work within the assembly of the robot,” Gross said.

Gross, as well as others, play a key role in spreading interest in STEM careers, as well as furthering life skills such as time management and responsibility.

When asked about the difference between this year’s team in comparison to the earlier, she claimed, “This year we have been able to manage and overcome challenges in designing our robot.”

Another Quadrangles member, sophomore Emerson Bessler, talked about the process of competing with the outcome.

Bessler stated, “At each competition, there is a new game that the robots have to compete in. This makes the competition even harder because we are unaware of what is going to be assigned.”

To prepare for these contentions, the Quadrangles team works studiously for 6 weeks to perfect a contraption. After this, each robot is often named with common identification as a way to bring life to the finished product.

The team recently entered their competition season. It began with a weekend in Georgia. Being the first competition, the results did not count toward state records. They did not achieve their desired ranking but they hoped to improve their performance at the regional duel only weeks later. This was a major success as they scored first place out of over 25 teams. In addition to this, the Bloomington South Quadrangles won the “Innovation in Controls” award.

The recent victories of the Quadrangles reflects the hard work put in by not only the eager students but also by the teachers who dedicate their time to developing a group of STEM leaders who will forever impact the progression of technology and engineering throughout high schools.