Students finish anatomy at Ivy Tech

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

Anatomy & physiology is a dual credit course offered to upperclassmen at South through Ivy Tech Community College. The class is taught by science teacher Angelia Floyd and ordinarily is a two trimester course at South, which only completes the first semester of the course. However, for the first time students are given the opportunity to finish the second semester online.

Seniors Gracie Hensinger, Savannah Trimble and Kristen Deckard are three of Floyd’s students who will be the first ever to finish out the course.

“It has been much more difficult. We completed four chapters within a week, but under Mrs. Floyd we would complete maybe one or two chapters within two weeks,” Deckard said.

The course began on March 18; however, there was some difficulty in enrolling the girls at first. They were unable to receive materials for the class in order to prepare for an exam scheduled on March 23.

“It was insane. There was some crying involved from all three of us,” Hensinger said. The issue was not fixed until the day before the exam.

Floyd’s famously quotes anatomy as “the hardest class you’ll ever love.” This reigns especially true. While primarily an online course, the girls are required to complete a larger amount of busy work and have more self-discipline when finding time to study. “There’s a lot more to do, but in much less detail,” Deckard said.

Although she is no longer their teacher, Floyd will continue to provide her classroom and guide the students.  

“[Anatomy] is something that made me fall in love with the medical field in general,”  Hensinger said. “I knew I wanted a career to help people.”