South’s Advanced Theatre class presents ‘Little Women’


The cast and director of Little Women. Photographed by Daniel Kennedy

Melissa Thomas, Staff Writer

Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” has been a celebrated piece of American literature for decades. Set in the midst of the Civil War, readers follow the March girls on a journey from childhood to womanhood in a time of war, poverty and radical change in America. This weekend, the classic will come to life at the Bloomington South auditorium.

“It is a timeless piece and something for all ages,” director Natalie Schacht said.

The upcoming production will be Schacht’s directorial debut. As a sophomore, she has been involved in numerous plays both in and out of South, but she is thrilled to now have the chance to “bring [her] visions to life.”

“All my life during productions I thought ‘Oh I would do this differently’ and now I get to bring it all together,” she explained.

The South production will only cover the first part of the book due to time constraints; however, with Schacht’s fresh creativity and “a gorgeous set” new elements have been integrated within the story to present an original adaptation that many have never seen before.

“We’re trying to really bring in the ‘homey’ feeling by not having mics and bringing [the audience] closer, as if you are a part of the story,” Schacht said.

The creative decision to tell the story through an older Jo narrating her life, portrayed by sophomore Darby Fitzsimmons, adds to the immersive experience of the show centered around the audience.

Junior Lauren Nekola, who plays the oldest of the March girls, Meg, reflects that the biggest challenge within the production has been learning how to “[evoke] and [act] like a woman from the 1800s using posture [and] facial expressions. The time period is definitely different [from anything she has acted in before].”

All cast and crew members are extremely proud to present their rendition of Little Women at Carmichael Hall  on April 12 and 13, starting at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5.

“There are plenty of comedic moments, moments that will make you go ‘aw.’ There are moments that will make you reflect on your own family life,” Schacht says. “It’s a good family show.”