Your prescription for prom panic


Maddie Roberts, Staff Writer

As as prom night slowly approaches, the last thing anyone would want is to rush the planning and preparation of one of the most memorable nights of their high school career. Here is Optimist’s guide to a stress-free prom.

  • Figure out your date or friend group that you will be attending prom with.

Without knowing who you will be going with, it can be difficult to coordinate plans and decide what you will wear if you plan on matching.

  • Pick out and buy your outfit.

If alterations are needed, give yourself a few weeks of buffer room to get it done.

Senior Meghan May will have attended two proms by the end of high school, and senior Carson Conrad will have been to three.

“I normally try to get my dress two months in advance, just so that I can find one in time that is not too expensive,” May said. “I recommend wearing comfortable shoes because otherwise you’re going to want to take them off.”

“I’d say [get your suit] a month or two in advance so you know you can match with your date and coordinate what you’re wearing,” Conrad said. “Try on lots of different suits to see what you like before you commit to something.”

  • Book a hair or makeup appointment early.

“I do my own hair and makeup, but if you are going to get it done professionally, I would book it probably a month in advance since they could already [be] booked at certain places,” May said.

  • Plan with your date or group what you want to do before prom.

If you are planning to go to a restaurant, make a reservation at least a week in advance.

“Normally, I take pictures with a group of friends [before prom], then we go to a nice dinner,” Conrad said.

  • Don’t forget about after prom!

Either leave a change of clothes in your car, or stop by your home if you’d like to wear something more casual. Keep in mind that once you exit the building at prom, they will not let you back in.

“I usually go to the after prom at the bowling alley because they do prizes and gifts which is fun,” May said.

  • Have a good time!

The most important part of prom is enjoying the moment. Capture it with pictures, enjoy time with your friends, and express yourself through dressing up as much or as little as you choose.

Prom 2019 will be held on May 18 in the South atrium. Tickets will be sold starting May 13 in the bookstore at $35 a piece. If you are planning to go with someone who is not an upperclassman, or with someone who does not attend South, you can sign them in as your date in the bookstore as well. After prom is included in the prom ticket price and will be at Classic Bowling Lanes this year.

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