Prom dresses for less


Photo by Bhss Fashion Club

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

Are you or someone you know in need of a budget-friendly prom dress? Look no further than the creations made by South’s former fashion club. These dresses can be purchased for less than half their original price or even given out for free.  

English teacher Leigh-Anne Walls has been the club’s sponsor since it started in 2014 by South graduate Taylor King as a partnership with her future college, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, located in Los Angeles, California.

Since King’s graduation in 2015, the club remained promising with its selling of creative prom dresses each year. The fashion club met its end this past year due to a lack of interest by both students and teachers.

“I’d love to see it continue, but it doesn’t have to. I didn’t really advertise for it this year because I knew I couldn’t sponsor it,” Walls said.

Walls did attempt to keep the club alive and well. “I did put out a word to other teachers to see if they wanted to sponsor it, but [I] never got anything back,” Walls said, “This year, [the club] just never got their act together, and last year’s lack of interest frustrated me. I decided I didn’t want to take that on this year.”

Each year, the fashion club would hold an annual fashion show which showcased prom dresses designed and created by the members themselves. Club members even modeled the dresses to encourage sales.

The dresses now sit in Walls’ room, waiting to find a home.

“I can’t keep storing them,” Walls said.

All dresses are either prom or other formal dresses that have been donated by students. Some could serve as a bridesmaid dress while others would look good at a homecoming dance.

“Some girls were reluctant to donate their dresses, because they wanted to get cash for them. I’m trying to find a way to help girls who want to sell [as well as] purchase dresses for a lower price,” Walls said.  

Any dresses leftover after South’s prom will either be kept in hopes to encourage a reboot of the club next year or will be donated to The Cinderella Project; an organization that focuses on providing donated prom dresses to those who cannot afford a fully-priced gown.