Comic Con 2019

Writer and photographer: Vika Terrill

Comic Con 2019

Vika Terrill

Comic Con has always been known as an event which showcases comic books and pop culture entertainment. Through the years, Comic Con has expanded its material and, as a result, its audience. The sixth annual Indianapolis Comic Con took place Aug. 30 to Sept. 1 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. From Harry Potter wands to Game Of Thrones swords, there was something for everyone to enjoy.


The Indiana Convention Center was bustling with Comic Con attendees all day long.  With 150 booths and multiple celebrities, visitors were kept busy. 


The main attractions of early Comic Cons were the comic books. They still remain a big draw, but now there are many other things for people to buy. 



A couple of booths sold famed weaponry from different films and TV shows. 





A Deadpool cosplayer enticed people to join him on the trending “Area 51 Raid”.








Famous comic book artist Neal Adams was a guest artist this year.




Cosplayers lined up for the costume contest. 


Credit to: Natasha Lim Sketches and Illustrations. A majority of the booths are full of fandom and original art. There is everything from oil pastel drawings to wood carvings of everyone’s favorite superheroes.


Four classic Disney princesses in their stunning gowns were posed patiently while onlookers take photos of their stunning gowns.