New Year, New Faces

Jack Lyles and Thomas Like, Staff Writer/Design Editor

The beginning of the school year typically means changes. Big and small, these differences often define the beginning of the year, and this year is no different. Although new laptops and upgraded pizza stand out to many students, arguably the most important change has come in the form of new staff members.

Many students may have noticed a new face among the security staff here at South as Jesse Clontz is the newest security guard on staff at South, replacing the beloved “Scooby” Abdllah. Mr. Clontz has worked for MCCSC for a few years despite being just recently stationed at South. Before working at South, he provided security for Bloomington High School North, and stated that the difference between the schools was “night and day.” 

His favorite parts of working at South are the “relationships not only with the staff, but [also] with the students,” said Clontz. 

Even more new faces can be seen in the main office. In fact, one of those new faces is none other than Optimist editor John “The Sheriff” Law’s mother, Melissa Law. 

“I needed a full time job, I was working three days a week before,” said Law. She explained with a smile that her favorite part of the job is “the students…and spying on my kids!”

Not all the new staff members are completely new to South as Mrs. Graber has returned to South this year after a year away. Before leaving the school she taught Geometry and Pre-calc, and is now teaching Algebra II. She left South two years ago for Grand Rapids, Michigan, before deciding to return this year. Many students, including Colin Doyle, are happy to see Mrs. Graber come back at South.

“Mrs. Graber is extremely friendly and was always able to help me out when she was a PAC sponsor, and from what I’ve heard, was a very good teacher as well” said Doyle.