South Speaks: shopping for free

South Speaks: shopping for free

Raya Haghverdi and Vika Terrill

Teenagers’ incomes are generally pretty disposable, but in an ideal world, they wouldn’t have to spend any money to buy what they wanted. With all the expensive stores out there, shopping without spending any money would be like a dream come true. The Optimist talked to some students about which store they would choose to shop at for free if they could. 


Vika Terrill “Target, because they have literally everything,” said junior Natalie Hall.


Vika Terrill “Dick’s Sporting Goods; I spend a lot of time outdoors,” said junior Josh Phillips.


Vika Terrill “IKEA,” said senior Cassidy Kleinbauer. “You [could] redesign your home for free.”

Vika Terrill “Urban Outfitters, my whole wardrobe is from there. They have such cute clothes and such a great atmosphere,” said junior David Baumann.


Vika Terrill “Nordstrom; it’s like thousands of dollars in shirts,” said senior Alissa Hall.