Word of the mouth, new clubs at South

Elizabeth Allen, Staff Writer

This year at South there is a  variety of new clubs that are looking for members. Book Club, Ladies of the Century, Women in Politics, GEMS, and the Dignity Project cover a range of topics, with each club being a safe space for people to gather, learn, discuss, and have snacks. 

Book Club will meet once a month, choosing a book together and discussing it the next month. Members will discuss their feelings, questions, likes, and dislikes of the chosen novel. 

“The club is a place where everyone can feel a sense of belonging,” said club president Josie Hendershot.

The sponsor is Ashley McGinnis, and Book Club will meet in room A221. The first meeting will be during SRT on Monday, Sept.16. 

Ladies of the Century (L.O.T.C.) promotes a mission of empowering young ladies so they can be proud of who they are and love themselves. During meetings, members will discuss any hardships or problems prominent in their life, in a supportive and confidential environment.

The club president, Audrianna Warren, was adamant that the club would be respectful and that gossip won’t be tolerated.

The sponsor is Kathryn Reeves, and the club will meet three times a month in room A109.

Women in Politics is a club that educates members about women serving in government, and how members can get involved in their political community. 

The club’s president is Marleyla Wiltz, and the club’s sponsor is Kathleen Mills. The club will meet in room A125 after school.

GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) is a club where members can pursue their STEM interests with other like minded girls. Members will discuss and learn about engineering, mathematics, and science. GEMS members will learn about and participate in community involvement and volunteering opportunities.

The club president is Josie Hendershot, and the sponsor is Cindy Kvale. Meetings will occur on the second Monday of every month, either during SRT or Panther Plus in room A307.

The Dignity Project is a club whose goal is to collect donations and feminine hygiene products to donate to women and girls who are in need around town. The products will be collected into two large drives before the school year ends.

Kyla Carlsberg is the sponsor of the Dignity Project, and members will meet at least twice a month in room A328, after school. Their callout meeting will occur on Monday, Sept. 9.

Each club is always accepting members who are ready to learn, make friends, and make a difference.