Lotus on a budget

Hanh Tam Bui, Staff Writer

The 26th Annual Lotus World Music and Arts Festival is planned to run from  Sept. 26 until Sept. 29, as the downtown Bloomington area will be alive with music and people in the streets. While paying for passes may be a concern for people, there are a number of ways to make the most out of a Lotus Fest experience without putting a dent in your wallet. 

1. Volunteer for the event 

While it may be too late to volunteer this year, consider signing up for the upcoming years. Some responsibilities include admissions, artist hospitality, artist shuttle, managing the festival store, setting up, tearing down, among others. Keep in mind that most volunteer opportunities are for those who are 18 years old, while there are also a limited number of positions for 16 and 17 year olds. Volunteers get free admission on a Friday or Saturday during the festival, as well as a volunteer t-shirt and button. 

2. Walk around the area

Whether you have a pass or not, just being in the downtown area allows people the chance to listen in on the music, as Lotus brings in all kinds of artists from around the world. Enjoy a night out with music in the art. 

3. Look out for free events

There are plenty of events and activities available for free and for people of all ages. Some of these events include workshops, the Festival Arts Village, Lotus in the Park, Lotus in the Streets, and much more. There truly is something for everyone and more information is available on the Lotus Fest’s schedule. 

Lotus Fest is a party that comes every year in the fall, and no matter how people choose to attend, there’s something for everyone that will bring joy to wrap up their September.